Women leaders experience transformation through the ‘The Brand Called You’ workshop offered by Women Leadership Circle.

Women leaders experience transformation through the ‘The Brand Called You’ workshop offered by Women Leadership Circle.

TEDx luminary Jamie Anderson shed light on women entrepreneurs’ unique branding journeys.


February 29, Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: “The Brand Called You” was the theme of the inspirational and life-changing event that Women Leadership Circle (WLC), an organization that promotes female leadership and business, held on February 24 at the prestigious Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

The occasion, which attracted notable figures from a range of sectors, gave women a chance to hone their personal brands and improve their public image.

The program, designed to meet the specific needs of each registrant, provided an immersive experience with the goal of assisting participants in realizing their own objectives and aspirations through successful personal branding techniques.

Professor Jamie Anderson, a four-time TEDx speaker with international acclaim and a reputation for skill in strategy and leadership, enthralled the audience with his thoughts on personal branding and its critical role in both professional success and societal influence.

Founder of Women Leadership Circle Jaya Mehrotra expressed her delight at the workshop’s overwhelming success, saying, “‘The Brand Called You’ workshop epitomizes our commitment to nurturing women leaders and entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and knowledge to refine their personal brands.”

The event included a dynamic agenda created in partnership with Emeritus to promote learning, introspection, and skill development. Participant engagement was high during engaging workshops, thought-provoking talks, and team-building activities designed to help attendees improve their professional presence and personal branding tactics.

Through these exercises, participants developed a thorough grasp of the wider relevance of personal branding, highlighting its function in building credibility and cultivating favorable reputations.

Anshu Dhanuka, the Women Leadership Circle’s learning chair and founding member, emphasized the significance of the occasion in fostering leadership potential.

“Seeing how enthusiastic and full of energy the event was makes me very happy. She said, “Seeing female leaders come together in such a small setting to hone their personal brands and encourage one another on their career journeys was inspiring.”

Co-creator of Women Leadership Circle and member of its advisory board Shilpa Bhagat continued, saying, “It is a privilege to have been a part of an event that honors the potential and accomplishments of women leaders.

Women Leadership Circle offers a safe space for women to flourish, and this event was a great example of the value of teamwork and individual growth.”

Due to its small size, the workshop provided a highly customized experience that encouraged deeper interactions and one-on-one support. Every participant got the chance to interact directly with speakers and organizers, guaranteeing that the event was not only educational but also had a significant personal impact.

The success of the workshop underscores Women Leadership Circle’s commitment to providing practical tools and resources for women leaders to excel in their respective fields.
With generous support from 360 ONE, WLC continues to empower women to lead with confidence, purpose, and impact through effective personal branding.
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