Unusual Path to Success: Starting Without a Degree as a Data Scientist

Unusual Path to Success: Starting Without a Degree as a Data Scientist

Data science is still one of the professions with the fastest growth rates across numerous sectors. Accurate data is essential for numerous reasons for every firm, including supply chain management, product development, and customer targeting. However, did you know that a bachelor’s degree is not necessary to become a data scientist? Continue reading to find out how quickly you can land an entry-level job in data analysis.

How is research in data science done?

Data science makes sure that the data is precise, timely, and clean in order to derive valuable insights from it. These insights serve as the basis for significant company choices. Numerous issues in the IT, retail, and healthcare sectors can be solved with data analysis. Data scientists are still needed because of this.

Data scientists find patterns and trends in data by applying their expertise in programming, mathematics, and business. They obtain data, analyze it, develop algorithms, tell stories and provide data visualizations, and present their findings to managers and other team members.

What degree is required to become a data scientist?

Take a data science online bootcamp first.

Is a degree required for employment in data science? Indeed, it is true! You could study Python programming or other data science fundamentals. However, the ideal boot camp will support you in concentrating on the appropriate readings and language, will promptly respond to your inquiries, will offer peer support, and will provide structure and accountability. “Having the opportunity to speak with professionals quickly became my favorite part of the learning,” says Rachelle, a TripleTen graduate. Regularly having that kind of conversation makes it more reciprocal.

I used those code critiques as a platform to showcase my progress.

Rachelle received her Triple Ten diploma.

Take your time growing and learning.

You will get the skills necessary for your career if you sign up for the right boot camp. But before you look for your first full-time job, you should put those skills to use. An externship program is one way to do that. Externships, like internships, provide you with practical tasks like creating an app and entail real-world labor. Their goal is to create a connection between student projects and jobs at real companies. If you are not needed to finish them for the boot camp, they can help you with your resume and portfolio and teach you what a data scientist does most of the time.

Build a strong portfolio.

A solid CV is not the only way to set yourself apart as a candidate; a portfolio is as vital. A portfolio shows your skill set in action, whereas a rΓ©sumΓ© lists your prior jobs. A portfolio can contain personal projects, volunteer work, and school assignments; paid labor is not necessary. But it should demonstrate your skills in action. Choose the best projects you’ve completed, and then write a reflection outlining the problem, your solution, and the reasoning behind it. Next, make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume connect to your portfolio.

Create a network.

Now that you have expanded your knowledge and showcased it in a portfolio, you are ready to start looking for a job. Still, only spend a minimal amount of time filling out online applications. Make personal connections as well. You can talk to friends of friends, go to local events like conferences, or visit conferences. “I tried to be present everywhereβ€”I joined Facebook and LinkedIn groups, looked for opportunities, and messaged my friends who worked at startups,” said Yuliya, a TripleTen graduate, on her quest for a full-time job. Eventually, a recruiter messaged her, and she started working at Lululemonβ€”presumably because of her β€œactivity making [her] profile more visible to others.” It never hurts to request a recommendation from a connection for a

Provide support or participate in competitions

Completing competition entries is a great (and fun!) way to grow your portfolio.

There are competitions for all skill levels; you don’t have to be an expert! Give your favorite challenges and contests more importance than ones you believe you can win. Search through websites like DrivenData and Kaggle for events that meet your needs. In addition to developing your resume and winning honors, you may contribute to causes like climate change mitigation and education.

Offering your skills freely is another way to increase your experience and expertise. Data scientists can use platforms like Datakind and Catchafire to locate nonprofits in need of support. Remember to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation when you’re done with a task.

How long does it take to become a data scientist?

The good news is that a computer science degree is not necessary to work as a data scientist. TripleTen has scheduled its eight-month part-time data science boot camp. If you put in additional effort to work on extra projects and develop your skills, you might still be able to get employment in data science in less than a year.

real-world examples of our data science grads’ achievement

What other non-degree-holding TripleTen alums did to pursue careers as data scientists? Here are two stories to inspire you:

How Gor got to where he wanted to be at Amazon

Gor found a job as a logistics analyst at Amazon, his favorite company, and was delighted to be working for it, even though he wasn’t really excited about the job. In an effort to work with data more, he made the independent decision to study Python. But after studying Python for a few months, he says, “I realized that I wasn’t learning as much as I wanted to, and I wasn’t learning at a fast enough pace.” That’s when I decided to sign up for a boot camp. He felt motivated by the boot camp structure and was able to understand the material by having in-depth conversations with the instructors. After completing the bootcamp, Gor was able to secure his ideal position as a data analyst at his dream company, Amazon.

How Rachelle moved from travel sales to Spotify

Rachelle decided to give something different a go after losing her career in tourism sales. Her mind was already aroused by data, and a six-month boot school helped her land an entry-level job. But she had to do more if she was going to stick with her new job path. That’s when TripleTen caught her attention.She was taken aback by the boot camp’s intensity, but she was grateful for the proactive support. Her perseverance helped her land her next job at Spotify as a data analyst. The profession has a fantastic perk in addition to being incredibly fulfilling: “I like the culture.” I believe that the number of hours I work now is lower than it was at my former job. I spend a lot more now.

First query:

Is a degree required to operate as a competent data scientist?


Without official degrees, many data scientists have succeeded in their careers by focusing on their abilities, networking, and projects.

FAQ 2: How important is networking in the field of data science?

Within the data science community, networking is crucial as it provides opportunities for cooperation, guidance, and staying informed about industry advancements.

FAQ 3: Is it possible to replace a real data science degree with online coursework?

While a formal degree has its benefits, online courses can provide practical experience and skills that are highly valued in the industry.

FAQ 4: How can I impress a hiring manager if I don’t have a degree?

A: Put together a strong portfolio, emphasize your achievements on your resume, and show off your passion for data science in interviews.

FAQ 5: How crucial are soft skills to a data science career?

Soft skills like problem-solving, cooperation, and communication are crucial for success in the data science sector, in addition to technical expertise.







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