Important Trends in Digital Marketing for 2024

Important Trends in Digital Marketing for 2024

The environment of digital marketing is one thing you can always bank on: it’s dynamic and ever-changing.

The incredible growth in artificial intelligence (AI) that we have witnessed in 2023 is one such instance. In 2024, this phenomenon will still be affecting all facets of marketing.

The external environment and customer behavior have an impact on m

arketing as well. The OECD predicts that inflation will likely decline and global growth will be moderate, but consumers will still be price-conscious. Furthermore, the majority of consumers are inclined to look for brands that demonstrate that they care about society as a whole as well as their financial success.

Success in 2024 will need a lot of work, but it will be simpler to plan, strategize, and outperform the competition if you are aware of the trends that will emerge in the future.

This article delves into the digital marketing trends that, according to the Digital Marketing Institute’s global specialists, we should be aware of in 2024.

We discuss the emergence of Instagram Threads, the need to consider LinkedIn carefully, and the increasing role artificial intelligence will play in social media platforms.
The application of AI in marketing looks at the marketer’s involvement in strategy development, the technology’s capacity for self-learning, the requirement for new skills, and the significance of co-creation.
The goal of SEO trends is to get us ready for Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), with a focus on user experience, EEAT, and quality and shareable content.
Google Ads advises us to view AI as a helper in PPC and to resist pressure from Google representatives to switch campaigns.
You’ll learn about the growing significance of data privacy and sustainability in digital marketing strategy.
2024 will be an employers’ market for jobs in digital marketing; while AI won’t replace you, someone with AI abilities will.

1. Trends in Social Media

Social media is going to have yet another exciting year! Social media companies will still be fighting for users’ attention in 2024, so they’ll need to reevaluate how success is determined.

There might also be a change in power if new sites like Instagram Threads and Bluesky gain traction because of the ongoing controversy with X (previously Twitter), while other networks might find new sources of organic traffic.

The number of threads is increasing.

Since Threads officially went live in the European Union this week, Meta, which debuted the platform in July 2023, claims to have 100 million monthly users. Threads is a competitor and substitute for X, mostly utilized for text update sharing and participating in public discussions.

Professional advice: 

Brands should at the very least be present on Threads, even if it’s simply by snagging a username, as the platform’s user base will grow by 2024. Make an investigation. Take a peek at how other companies, like Canva, TedTalks, and Channel 4, are utilizing it. Now is the moment to try out the platform.

There has been a recent upsurge in Threads participation, Avocado Social’s Alison Battersby notes in our webinar. “I believe that many people are using the platform to set up their profiles in preparation for the upcoming year. A common practice among brands is to engage in lively dialogue by raising queries or starting discussions.

Professional advice:

When utilizing Threads to drive traffic to a website, don’t overdo it. That is not its intention. It’s about talks and in-platform conversations that users may participate in. Canva, TedTalks, and Channel 4 are three successful companies that are posing discussions and posing questions. Right now, it is what Threads users desire.

The new engagement rate is the retention rate.

Marketers have observed a drop in the engagement rate on organic social media activity in recent years. People may begin to prioritize retention over interaction in 2024, despite the fact there are numerous explanations for this, including device, time of day, and material quality.

More people than ever before will be reporting retention rates. Additionally, people have more options than ever before because attention is the most valuable resource in the world, according to Battersby.

Brands have been coming up with amazing social media initiatives that aim to teach, educate, and amuse audiences to counter this. The secret is to use play and creativity to increase engagement.

According to Battersby, social media companies want to make this possible by experimenting with longer-form films (TikTok, for instance, is going to start allowing uploads that last 15 minutes) and paying closer attention to how businesses engage and keep viewers.

Take a look at this ten-minute, widely shared example from Hilton Hotels featuring celebrity Paris Hilton.

AI is changing the hiring process.

These days, a lot of job seekers use generative AI technologies when applying. As a result, there is increased competition and more people applying for employment openings. When you combine this with the fact that 2024 will be an employers’ market, it may be more difficult to get your ideal employment.

Additionally, while recruiters go through hundreds of resumes, AI is being used to identify the top applicants. However, this strategy isn’t always effective.

According to Cummins, “the AI system still has a lot of bugs, and some resumes are saved as pictures, so they’re being filtered out.” “In addition, your HR team is overworked, having to go through 900 resumes before reaching 50.”

As a result, the hiring process is dynamic and driven, with candidates striving to differentiate themselves from competitors in a competitive job market and recruiters attempting to determine the best approach to discover the ideal candidate.

Acquiring knowledge requires investment.

A hunger for knowledge not only shows potential employers that you are driven and enthusiastic, but it may also help you advance your career by expanding your skill set or allowing you to take on additional responsibilities.

“Something positive comes out of speaking with someone who is committed to their improvement every time. Cummins says, “It makes no difference if it’s like taking an upskilling course, life arts, or learning a new language.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to learn. It can be enjoyable, and there are plenty of possibilities, such as taking classes at your local college, learning online, or applying for an apprenticeship. Selecting the format that best fits your needs and way of life is the key.

Another option is self-learning, which involves reading blogs or listening to podcasts about subjects you’re interested in.

Expert advice: Make use of the platforms when it comes to AI! For a while, stop using them only for digital marketing and utilize them for everything. It makes no difference if they are awkward to use and malfunction. It’s all about gaining experience that you can discuss.

In conclusion, 2024 Trends for Digital Marketing

For marketers, 2024 is going to be a thrilling and difficult year. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries and departments as well as customer behavior and purchase patterns.

Speaking with our experts has taught us one thing: for marketers to be successful in their roles, they must embrace AI. AI will affect your role in the future, even if it doesn’t affect it now. Thus, begin studying the technology and utilizing a few of the platforms. If not, you run the risk of falling behind!

Consider the trends that are important to you and concentrate on what you may benefit from in 2024.

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Experts in Digital Marketing

As part of our trends podcast and webinar, the following digital marketing authorities provided consultation for this article:

CEO of the Digital Marketing Institute, Ken Fitzpatrick
Avocado Social’s creator and DMI Lecturer, Alison Battersby
eCommerce expert and DMI lecturer Cathal Melinn
Brian Corish is the creator of Elemental Intelligence & Digital Marketing Institute Global Champion, an AI-focused company.
Morgan Cummins, TalentHub Partner and Board Member
Senior Director of SEO at Neil Patel Digital, Nikki Lam
Will Francis, DMI Instructor and DMI Podcast Host

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