Creating Chances to Write for Us and Get Noticed

Creating Chances to Write for Us and Get Noticed

Would you like to write an article for the platform? If so, you’re in the perfect place! You may find all the information you need here on our topic requirements, submission rules, and what to do after your article is accepted for publication. At Live Positively, we provide top-notch material that explains the variations and practical best practices for platforms used in content marketing. Once your ideas have been accepted, you are free to begin writing an article as long as you follow the submission requirements listed below:

Guidelines for Submitting Articles

Writers must abide by our strict criteria to be published on our website. Following these guidelines to the letter greatly increases the likelihood that your work will be approved and published. By adhering to these principles, you may ensure that your article writing meets our editorial standards and has the best possible opportunity of being read effectively. Write your story with all of your creativity to reach a worldwide readership.

Incorporate Infographics and Charts:

Write a piece of writing that has to have relevant graphics, such as charts, graphs, and infographics. They can help divide up content for our readers and explain subjects interestingly. Furthermore, graphs and charts make it easier to understand other numbers. Make sure your draft includes two or more relevant photos.

Utilizing a New Voice:

People like to read content created by humans rather than by artificial intelligence, so make sure you have the information needed to write an article that sounds natural. Make sure your post’s tone fits the friendly, modern aesthetic we like to promote in our material.

Always Send in the Original Artwork

Original works are required for submission; content published elsewhere will not be accepted. Please only contribute your stuff and abstain from any plagiarism. As you write your narrative, let your creativity run wild and make connections with people around the world.

Compose with objectivity

Write with objectivity to provide our readers with the most insightful, useful, and actionable content possible so they can get the most out of it. Write your tale to communicate your vision and interact with a multicultural, international community. Articles with strong opinions could be interpreted as less trustworthy and persuasive, which could damage our company’s reputation online.

Keep the Word Count in Mind

Make sure the content you submit to Live Positively is between 500 and 2000 words in length. Longer submissions are welcome, but please be aware that they may be disregarded if you believe it will require more room to adequately convey your idea.

Incorporate Takeaways Consistently

Every essay submitted must have a concluding section. This part should provide the reader with a clear summary and reinforcement of the topics covered in the article.


You are welcome to include up to three links in your article. But refrain from including links to promotional or sales-focused landing sites. Rather, point readers toward reliable, useful literature that delves deeper into the subject at hand.


Use captivating, well-produced visuals in your material to increase viewer engagement. Make sure the photos are both pertinent and have a resolution of 1000 x 667 pixels to maximize aesthetic appeal and draw in viewers.

Content and image copyright

This platform’s published information and photos are copyright-protected. It is highly forbidden to copy content or use it without permission from outside sources. Such errors could have detrimental effects and possibly result in published material being prohibited.

We urge all users to abstain from copying photos or information without getting permission. This proactive strategy protects content creators’ rights, fosters innovation, and guarantees the maintenance of a just, courteous, and law-abiding publishing environment.

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