digital first of two adjectival

digital first of two adjectival

1: Of, about, or employing apparatuses built or operating on the principles or practices of electronics Electronic gadgets, and technologies.

Additionally: known as the “digital age,” which is defined by electronic, particularly computerized, technology
Managers in a technologically driven workplace refer to information overload as the inevitable drawback to The digital world and its existence. β€”David Bottoms.

2: Aade up of information, particularly in the form of binary digits (see DIGIT meaning 1b) or digital pictures or photos
an electronic readout.

A broadcast that uses digital communications signals is referred to as a digital broadcast.
contrast First-order analog.

3. Offering a numerical digit readout, a digital voltmeter, and a digital watch or clock

4. Concerning an audio recording technique where sound waves are digitally represented (genetics on mΒ tape), resulting in wow and flutter being captured in the recording

Electronic two of two noun

1 A: digitally stored media, including images
This writer stumbled through a snow-covered lawn among a deluge of snowflake clusters on a frighteningly snowy day. An improvised netting device was created out of something cold and black to take digital photos of individual snowflakes.

Β Alan Daugherty

B: The industry or segment of the industry that is digital media Digital advertising increased by 16.8%, TV advertising by 9.4%, and radio advertising by 6.8%.

US Markets Are Bites by News

2: A product (like a gadget) that uses digital technology to function
Digital quartz watches were entirely electronic and had no moving parts at all, in contrast to analog quartz watches, which included a traditional dial and hands.

Ted Thompson

The typical range of the analog thermometers, which cost approximately

Sentences using Digital Example


Investigators suspected the woman was selling her goods online based on the chats they had, and they were able to locate her Amazon site through searches for some of the products she had asked to be stolen and a P.O. Box connected to the Online Makeup Store.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, February 17, 2024, quoted Lindsay Winkley
The entire production debuted on digital streaming services on February 14, the same night that One Love visited theaters.

Eddie Denis, Billboard, February 17, 2024
The gig economy and the emergence of digital platforms have created enormous opportunities for high-earning professionals to acquire employment and expand their clientele.

Melissa Houston Forbes, February 17, 2024
There are also several kitchen appliances, such as a vacuum, computerized meat thermometer, and knife sharpener.


Promotion As businesses struggle to shift from conventional business models like print to digital, news media has suffered from significant cost-cutting. Los Angeles Times Staff, January 19, 2024

The Marvels in 4K Ultra HD can be purchased digitally for $20 on Prime Video, Apple TV, and other video-on-demand services in the interim.

The Hollywood Reporter, Rudy Obias, January 17, 2024
For example, the business approved a driver going by the innocent name Netfilter in June 2024.

Dan Goodin, August 25, 2024, Ars Technica
As part of the agreement, Alec Shankman joins as senior partner and head of alternative, and Jade Sherman of A3 joins Gersh as senior partner and director of digital.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Erik Hayden

Word Origins

Meaning and Origin


Latin digitālis, “measuring a finger’s breadth,” from digitus, “finger, toe, finger’s breadth as a measure,” + -ālis -AL entry 1 β€” more at DIGIT, is the source of Middle English digitally, which means “(of a whole number) less than ten.”


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